Featured Companies

Maersk Line India Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-202
Pelagia Marine Services Pvt Ltd-RPSL-MUM-318
Maersk Tankers - RPSL-MUM-462
Holy Angel Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. - RPSL-CHN-045
Malawat Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. - RPSL-MUM-467
Anglo Eastern Ship Management  Ltd.-RPSL-MUM-088
Seaspan Crew Management India Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-014
Bridgeview Maritime Pvt Ltd-RPSL-MUM-218
Pacific Manning Agency-RPSL-CHN-031
MMS Maritime(India) Pvt.Ltd-RPSL-MUM-043
MSI Shipping Services India PVT.LTD-RPSL-MUM-146
Angel Maritime (India) Services-RPSL-MUM-235
TAG Offshore Limited
NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.
Oceanic Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-290
Sea Trading Services & Ship Management Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-207
MSC Crewing Services Pvt. Ltd.
Eastern Pacific management (India) Pvt. Ltd.
AMI Manning Services Pvt. Ltd.-RPSL-MUM-122
ASP Crew Management Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.-RPSL-MUM-104
The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited
Teekay Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-106
Wilhelmsen Ship Management-RPSL-MUM-018

Top Listed Companies

Primanav Ship Management Pvt Ltd.
XT Ships  Management India Pvt.Ltd.
Polestar Marine Services Pvt Ltd-RPSL-MUM-261
Ausland Marine Services Private Ltd-RPSL-MUM-087
K Line Ship Management India Pvt.Ltd
Zodiac Maritime Agencies Pvt. Ltd.-RPSL-MUM-284
Qatar Shipping Company (India) Pvt. Ltd Q.S.C
D'Amico Ship Ishima India pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-030
Dockendale Ship management(india) Pvt. Ltd.-RPSL-MUM-191
Nimbus Maritime Services Pvt Ltd-RPSL-MUM-185
Vindhyawashini Marine Service Pvt. Ltd. -RPSL-MUM-128
Andromeda Shipping (I) Pvt. Ltd.-RPSL-MUM-058
Confidence Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-071
Nautical Marine Management Services Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-037
Chellaram Shipping Pvt. Ltd-RPSL-MUM-022
NAAVEX Marine Services-RPSL-MUM-084

Candidate Reviews

  • best in communication

    I really find this site one of the best in communication between employers and sailors. Thanks a

    - Jaswinder Singh,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 06-08-2018
  • the best site

    Really this is the best site to get job o lik this SEAFARERJOBS.COM

    Posted Date : 01-08-2018
  • Very appreciate Website

    I found my last contract here. Very appreciate you.

    - sanjay lohan,   ( 3rd Off )
    Posted Date : 03-09-2017
  • everything perfect

    Thanks so much to seafarerjobs group, sign new contract with appropriate team as Chief officer

    - KUNDAN KUMAR,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 05-09-2017
  • Good day,

    Good day, Well searching job and applying was never so easy. This is a well thought out and planne

    - Naval Consul,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 19-08-2018
  • I am vry happy

    I am vry happy to be a part of and i m vry thankfull for giving me job. Hopefully

    - ashish kumar,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 09-07-2018
  • Very nice and simple

    Very nice and simple website hoping to find a job and work, a huge thanks to the developer.

    - jitendra Singh,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 08-09-2017
  • happy seeing

    Is good too be a part of and am happy seeing giving me job,

    - simranjit singh sidhu,   ( MotorMan/Oiler )
    Posted Date : 31-07-2018
  • you are my best friend you are my best friend because of you i can easy to get my best chance. Success fo

    - Gautam Nil Ghosh,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 10-09-2017
  • thank you

    i have much hope on to get job is best way to get job thank you

    - Rohan Gill,   ( 3rd Off )
    Posted Date : 11-09-2017
  • helpful

    I say thank u very much for, because this application very helpful to seafarers

    - Dev Krishnan,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 12-09-2017
  • i am glad

    Thank you so much SEAFARERJOBS.COM ,i am relay glad to find this site......i hope , will find job

    - ilango van,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 13-09-2017
  • no offers yet

    A very convenient site to find a job, but unfortunately for couple months of use no offers yet , Bu

    - Raman kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 15-09-2017
  • Hopefully For the future

    Hopefully For the future and good oppurtunity on my background i can join and glad to be the part

    - M BALASAI,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 16-09-2017
  • Sincerelly hope that I will find a job

    I applied on at least billion different companies thru lot of online sites and applications,but helped me find a job

    - Sahil Tyagi,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 17-09-2017
  • wonderful job portal

    What a wonderful job portal is SEAFARERJOBS.COM. Evrytime i login, it seems to me that i am jst abt land a job

    - AJIT KUMAR,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 19-09-2017
  • is the best.

    Thanks so much to hope i can get a job as a engineer with a good ship and good company. i

    - Abhay Savadi,   ( 2nd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 20-09-2017
  • god bless crewell.

    I found good referance in hope i can found good company in crewell and give me a

    - Atkinson Pereira,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 18-07-2018

    I was delighted to join, because of all the information about the position of emptiness sail

    - Prosenjit Mondal,   ( MotorMan/Oiler )
    Posted Date : 22-09-2017
  • helping

    I was surprising this website will be helping us to getting a job.

    - Ravinder pal,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 23-09-2017
  • best seaman website

    Really love this site is the best seaman website have ever visited, kudos to the developer.

    - Rohit Mishra,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 24-09-2017
  • hoping get chance.

    how I am very excited to join SEAFARERJOBS.COM. This my first touch to join here and hoping get chance. Thanks a lot for this site.

    - JOHN JUSTUS,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 26-09-2017
  • wonderful website

    I know for sure that, this is a wonderful website and it is so easy to get job faster. It very helpful and also very reliable. Many Thank to organizers.

    - Kuljit Singh,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 27-09-2017
  • really nice web.

    a big hope for this website to easy find seamen jobs, really nice web.

    - jai prakash gupta,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 28-09-2017
  • thanks to developers

    thanks to developers for the great resource, hope to find job with it!

    - MUKESH JOSHI,   ( Chief Cook )
    Posted Date : 29-09-2017
  • wonderful site.

    Wao i so much love the settings @ & I have a fat hope getting a job/ go onboard soon. Kudos to the Administration of this wonderful site.

    - CLIFF GLADSON,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 30-09-2017
  • Thank to help me

    Thank to help me for looking forward to conducting a successful professional career by contributing in the success and the progress of a unique company.

    - jinoy george,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 30-09-2017
  • Nice site

    Nice site, hopely can find a job here

    - Vivek G,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 30-09-2017
  • not so useful site for me

    I have applying for various vacancy from last one year, never got call or mail from any company. so far not so useful site for me..

    - kalyan kanak,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 30-09-2017
  • best site to get job

    thanks team as best site to get job around all shipping companies

    - Isar Ahmad Hashmi,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 20-09-2017
  • I will search for next job also on this site

    I was confirmed by crewing company via . Now waiting for joining on general cargo with cranes. I have such experience. I hope all will be alright. Thank you.

    - MANU NAIR,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 13-09-2017
  • Hope i will get job

    Hi All, looks great ,Hope I will find like a position that suits my experience and qualifications.

    - kuldeep singh tomar,   ( Sr. DPO )
    Posted Date : 12-09-2017
  • are the best

    i just join through a friend who gave me the address to register on this site i am efficient deck hand known as A/B and am hoping that i will get a call from one of the shipping companies from this site

    - Najir Haidar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 21-09-2017
  • Awesome

    Awesome. I hope the mobile will be available in appstore also

    - Eswaramoorthy,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 21-09-2017
  • Very Good

    Very Good Platform for seaman.nice work :-)

    - Mayuresh,   ( O.S )
    Posted Date : 27-09-2017
  • very useful for sailor

    i was happy to get in on this page, this page is very useful for sailor in general. thanks to

    - sukesh bapurao,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 27-09-2017
  • Thank you for team

    Thank you for team..this application is very important to assist us find the job

    - Rana Sarmah,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 12-09-2017
  • This sites is so awesome

    This sites is so awesome...i still hoping to be on board on my desirable ship...good job

    - roopesh kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 06-09-2017
  • Thanks

    Thanks to team.This site is well arranged, helpful and very unique to assist unemployed seamen in the whole world wide. God almighty increase the brain of a person who initiate this excellent site.

    - Rahul Pandurang,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 18-09-2017
  • I hope that this site will meet expectations for my career

    Hello everyone, I hope that this site will meet expectations for my career. There are so many possibility for many type of vessel.

    - nikhil kumar,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 16-08-2017
  • no success even no e-mails

    More than 2 years I have been using this site to find a job but no success even no e-mails dispite sending e-mails to all crewings and paid for it,Hopefuly will find a relevant job to my 12 years experience in offshore industry , Good Luck to all Seafarers

    - arjun raviraja,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 21-09-2017
  • wonderful site.

    I am new to the sea world and I believe i will get my first sea job through this wonderful site. thanks for making such a platform available to seamen and most of almost freshers like me.

    - RAVISH KUMAR,   ( E.T.O )
    Posted Date : 22-08-2017
  • i hope i ll be placed for suitable vacancy

    I m happy to see opportunities for ratings. i m a ordinary seamen..i hope i ll be placed for suitable vacancy soon.. i believe in than any other.

    - ABHISHEK SHAW,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 22-09-2017
  • Nice site..

    Nice site... I hope i get a better chance in here. Salutee... Cheeers

    - chirayath varghese raju,   ( E.T.O )
    Posted Date : 14-09-2017
  • window to the world is a window to the world for the thousands of seafarers who are looking for a job

    - Kunal,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 06-09-2017
  • Excellent site

    Excellent site for all seamen....regarding any type of fleet.

    - Surendar Ravichandran,   ( TNO/Deck Cadet )
    Posted Date : 20-09-2017
  • Very Quick Respond to Help, Great Team

    Very Quick Respond to Help, Great Team. Hot job is excellent.

    - Rohit Gupta,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 18-09-2017
  • millions thanks itself called Crew and Well is a perfect place to go for seafarers who search for an opportunity to extend their career. Millions thanks

    - Raviraja shetty,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 14-09-2017
  • is very nice is very nice and convenient site for seafarers! Thanks a lot to creators of this site!

    Posted Date : 28-08-2017
  • Very good job portal

    Its a very good job portal ,secured a job as an chief officer in an chemical tanker through this portal

    - Shyam Babu,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 01-10-2017
  • good Website

    Easy to use website

    - sunil,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 01-10-2017
  • job opportunities

    getting call from companies .

    - sunny kumar,   ( 3rd Off )
    Posted Date : 02-10-2017
  • not getting job

    not getting job ,nothing but getting messages from companies

    - Amit kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 02-10-2017
  • got a job

    i have got job from this portal and i have recommended to one of my freind,i am sure will work as a cham for him too in his job seeking quest.needless to say excellent back office assistance

    - Vinit kumar,   ( 3rd Off )
    Posted Date : 20-09-2017
  • simple

    User interface of this portal is simple which is very helpful

    - R Mohan,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 02-09-2017
  • useful site

    very useful site ,always getting calls for job requirements ,back office calls to check my availability and to update my resume before forwarding my CV to companies

    - Suresh,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 04-09-2017
  • Bad

    Did not help at all

    - Vaishak Bhandary M,   ( 5th Engr./TME )
    Posted Date : 10-10-2017
  • Excellent features

    this portal has good features and is very easy to update all the details

    - Sabharish,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 13-09-2017
  • Very good Experience

    it was a very good experience with ,till now i have not received any job opportunities but waiting for the same ,this site has helpful features compared to other portals

    - Sujan,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 11-09-2017
  • Awesome Features!

    Awesome features

    - rakesh,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 04-10-2017
  • Good Experience

    Good experience with .it is the first portal where i have updates my CV ,waiting for good response from is very good in terms of features

    - Satish Kumar,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 03-10-2017
  • thanks

    Thanks! its a very good portal

    - chandrasekar,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 28-09-2017
  • Very Convenient for seafarers

    its been a good experience with,it is very convenient for seafarers ,its features are nice and simple its a good portal hoping for the best

    - Prabhakar Jamdar,   ( 3rd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 26-09-2017
  • Simple website to find work

    very nice and simple website hoping to find a job

    - Prabhu,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 19-09-2017
  • Got opportunities

    its a very good portal i have got lots of opportunities from portal

    - Kuppusamy Shankar,   ( 2nd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 18-09-2017
  • Awesome features

    i have never got any job opportunities from this portal but rating this portal 4.5 just for their features.

    - Jaswant Jassi,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 02-09-2017
  • portal is good

    i have never got any job opportunity from our site ,compared to other portal this portal is not good

    - Subir chatterjee,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 02-10-2017
  • portal is helpful

    Experience with this portal is good and sometimes i have got job opportunities ,compared to other portal this portal is helpful

    - sudhanshu jha,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 06-09-2017
  • portal is good

    experience with this portal is good ,i have got some job opportunities ,portal is very helpful for CV Updation

    - Ryan Bhattacharya,   ( Master )
    Posted Date : 08-09-2017
  • Never got any job opportunity

    i have never got any job opportunity through this site but the back office assistance and features on this site compared to other portals are very nice

    - Kuldeep Negi,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 06-10-2017
  • got job opportunities

    i have got good job opportunities from this portal ,compared to other portal this portal is best

    - Ramesh Ganesan,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 04-10-2017
  • Helpful and good experience

    helpful and good experience

    - devendra patil,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 03-10-2017
  • Experience is good

    good portal

    - Arjun,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 07-10-2017
  • Everything is okay

    There are lots of requirements for chief officers at

    - Narendra,   ( Chief Off )
    Posted Date : 10-10-2017
  • not getting job

    Still waiting for job opprotunity

    - Kishore,   ( 2nd Engr. )
    Posted Date : 09-10-2017
  • good platform

    This is a very good platform for seafarer

    - Anil Kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 10-10-2017
  • job

    hope will fine good job thanks

    - jaya kumar singh,   ( ab )
    Posted Date : 16-10-2017
  • job

    job alert is grt

    - ASHOK CHOUDHARY,   ( 5th Engr./TME )
    Posted Date : 01-04-2018
  • Gud

    Searching job easily

    - Benildus P,   ( 5th Engr./TME )
    Posted Date : 08-11-2017
  • Good Job Portal

    Good site

    - MAM CHAND YADAV,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 14-11-2017
  • Excellent way to apply for job!!

    Recently created profile, hoping it will work out and give me a stage to perform!!!

    - VIRENDRA KUMAR VIRANA,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 09-12-2017
  • Applying for 2nd Officer

    Good source to find job

    - Mr. - Amit,   ( 2nd Off )
    Posted Date : 21-03-2018
  • Resume

    Urgent to join vsl, hot job feature is very good ..

    - Anil Kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 17-01-2018
  • No job

    Till now i have not got any call from company

    - Ganesh Kumar Singh,   ( Chief Engr. )
    Posted Date : 30-01-2018
  • Resume

    Urgently, I am intrested to join ship. lots of opportunities from portal

    - Anil Kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 02-02-2018
  • Resume

    I am ready to join ship

    - Anil Kumar,   ( A.B. )
    Posted Date : 06-02-2018
  • service


    - WENCY PETER DSOUZA,   ( Fitter/Welder )
    Posted Date : 12-02-2018
  • Vacancies

    Fresher job

    - Veeramangalath Sreerag Sree Rag,   ( Electrician/Trainee electrical officer )
    Posted Date : 21-02-2018

    I like this new design and hotjobs is great..

    - Offshore Vessels,   ( SDPO/2nd Off DPO )
    Posted Date : 01-04-2018
  • good

    Awesome site....genuine hot job enquirers, Thanks

    - VIVEK D TANDEL,   ( Wiper )
    Posted Date : 30-03-2018
  • Urgently require

    As soon as possible

    - KAUSIK BOSE,   ( Chief Cook )
    Posted Date : 10-04-2018
  • Review

    No response from companies

    - AKHIL RAMACHANDRAN NAIR,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 12-04-2018
  • A perfect helpful site...

    Giving right information of company and reliable...

    - Jitendra Singh,   ( E.T.O )
    Posted Date : 20-05-2018
  • Special skills

    Hot Jobs very good

    Posted Date : 14-10-2018
  • Application for post of oiler

    Respected: sir/madam its a very good portal i have got lots of opportunities from portal

    - Saravanan Subramani,   ( Wiper )
    Posted Date : 14-10-2018
  • Any company don't call me

    My profile is not short listed right now

    - RANGOI SANTOSH,   ( Tr. O.S )
    Posted Date : 28-10-2018
  • Available for os

    User interface of this portal is simple which is very helpful

    - SACHIN SHARMA,   ( O.S )
    Posted Date : 30-10-2018
  • Application for the post 4th engineer.


    - mohammad shaquib ansari,   ( 4th engineer )
    Posted Date : 24-11-2018

    - chidhambaram ss,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 09-12-2018
  • Job


    - sujan singh,   ( O.S )
    Posted Date : 18-02-2019
  • chief cook


    - sunil prasad bhadri,   ( Chief Cook )
    Posted Date : 02-03-2019
  • Need Job


    - Anil Gupta,   ( Tr. O.S )
    Posted Date : 05-03-2019
  • Jobs

    Good job portal

    - rohan sushil malekar,   ( 4th Engr. )
    Posted Date : 15-03-2019

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